The Town Board

Business Development Committee

Who we are

Your neighbors — volunteering our time and talents and bringing our collective experiences and ideas together to discuss initiatives and implement strategies to improve the business environment in the town.

Our Mission

The mission of the Pendleton Business Development Committee (PBDC) is to enhance the Town of Pendleton’s economic well-being by seeking to attract new businesses through the creation of a town center and promotion of the town as a “Recreation and Relaxation” (RxR) destination, with a focus toward supporting activities for the development of recreation and leisure-based market opportunities.
The ultimate goal is to provide Pendleton residents with a prosperous community where ample opportunities exist to work, shop and play.


  • Promote the town
  • Reach out & engage the community
  • Identify & pursue socioeconomic business opportunities
  • Develop supportive collaborations with area agencies & organizations
  • Establish a framework for long-term economic growth

Action Committees

We welcome your thoughts and abilities. Participate on any of the action committees that suits your interests.

Town center & architectural standards

Role: to establish architectural building standards and facilitate the planning and design of a “Town Center” and “Key Focal Points”.

Recreation Based Business Development

Role: to develop activities & events that will foster an influx of resident and non-resident participation leading to an increase in tourism and revenue.

Branding & Signage

Role: the promotion of the overall town image through the marketing of “Your Recreation and Relaxation Destination” theme.

Trail Development & Business Nodes

Role: to develop the Pendleton trail system as a cornerstone of the Town of Pendleton’s business development program & all other recreational assets.

Cultural & Historical Business Development

Role: to develop activities & events with a focus on the town’s cultural & historical assets

Commercial & Industrial Business Development

Role: to develop a strategy and action plan to increase the Commercial & Industrial businesses in the town.

Tourism & Partnerships

Role: to “promote and market” Pendleton through municipal and private organizations and to become the liaison group to state, county and federal organizations; to create partners who can assist in establishing new businesses and accelerating the growth of the town’s Business Development Action Plan.