The Town Board

Water / Sewer Department

Grinder Pump Sewer System Areas

  • 4072-4609 Beach Ridge Rd.
  • 6679-7471 Bear Ridge Rd.
  • 6503-7340 Campbell Blvd.
  • 4070-5551 Tonawanda Creek Rd.
  • 7083-7127 Townline Rd.
  • All of Irish Rd., Meyer Rd. and Oakwood Dr.

If you live in any of these areas

You are one of our residents who have the “Grinder Pump Sewer System’. It is important that you know there are limitations to this system. The biggest problem we encounter is the pump’s inability to grind certain objects. The pump becomes jammed when encountering fabric, plastics, etc. Some examples are baby wipes, female products, clothing, plastic toys, q-tips, even cigarette butts. Another issue is grease that gets in the tank and builds up on the on/off floats causing it to not operate properly. These problems have become a frequent cause for costly system repairs.

Also, if you have lost electricity in your home, or your “grinder alarm” sounds; PLEASE discontinue water use immediately and call the Water and Sewer Department. If the alarm sounds between 6:00 P.M. and 7:00 A.M. and it is possible to wait until the following morning during normal working hours for repair, it would be greatly appreciated. This would cut down any over time costs. The number is 625-8033 and any questions or concerns can be addressed at this number. If you would prefer a consultation at your home we will make arrangements. Thank you for your cooperation and consideration regarding these issues.

James Argo
Water/Sewer Superintendent